Brandon Toner

A Vision for a Multi-topic Blog


I'd like to eventually be able to support the organization of posts into tags, and automate the generation of feeds specific to tags of interest.

How it could look:

Then, I'd like to be able to use this database/collection of posts to generate custom feeds. For example, a feed exclusively for "pharmacy" posts or for "all posts".

An example of a solution that is close to what I want is the Bashblog script. It assists in publishing posts and organizing them into tags. I'd want to customize this to simplify it a bit more.

This is a "someday/maybe" project though, since I don't have the coding knowledge to execute on it now, nor the time to learn how to do it. The short term path is to embrace the multi-topic chaos and publish ideas on the site using basic static HTML pages with a manually updated rss feed. Details on the publishing process here (updated as the process changes).

People have been writing blogs for ages and of course what I'm describing here is not really anything new. My goal is to learn a bit about how websites and blogging works, without just creating it with a static site generator. I'm close to having most of the functionality I'd want already.

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