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Email Delivery Issue with Gmail Resolved


During a last post, I outlined some of the delivery woes I've been experiencing since moving my email to my own domain and self-hosting.

Today, I heard back from Mailjet with a fix for the Gmail deliverability issue and it seems to be working! Here is a breakdown of the fix:

Our deliverability team is aware of this issue, and are working actively on the issues with temporary deferrals of emails sent to Gmail. Our team is in the process of providing a solution to this problem at the earliest

To give to a better context Gmail and Yahoo's Email Security Initiatives for 2024 In an ongoing commitment to fortify email inboxes, both Gmail and Yahoo have announced the implementation of new protection standards for bulk email senders. Enhancing Email Compliance: A Guide to Gmail & Yahoo Changes in 2024 for Optimal Deliverability – Mailjet Help Center

In the meantime, we can offer you an easy way to ensure optimal deliverability to Gmail by customizing the return-path for your sending domain.

To create a custom return-path, you need to create a CNAME record in the DNS zone of your sending domain hosting account. * The CNAME record must point to the subdomain we use as the envelope address "". Specifically, your record should be: IN CNAME

Once you have created the CNAME record, please send me another message with the information below so that our technical team can setup the return-path on our end:

  • The domain on which you set up the CNAME
  • The API Key on which the custom return path should be used. Please note that an API Key can only have one custom return-path active at a time.

Sinch Mailjet Support

Once this process was completed, gmail deliverability improved and I was able to achieve a 10/10 on

Here's hoping it will be smoother sailing from here!

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