Brandon Toner

Unlock Focus Through Negative Emotion


"I can feel your anger. It makes your focus"

In a pivotal scene in the Star Wars saga, senator Palpatine highlights to Anakin Skywalker the power that can be derived from negative emotion. It is a powerful focusing tool.

Negative emotions are rich with energy. They animate the body, mind and spirit. When fuelled by anger or frustration, you create a vivid picture in your mind of what you do not want. You are displeased with the current status of things and feel terrible as a result.

While most people may wallow in these emotions, staying fixed on the negative interpretations of reality — it is possible to use this powerful energy to pivot your focus towards what you DO want.

We naturally drift towards that which we fix our attention upon. We shoot towards our target.

So, frustration or anger emerges, it is worthwhile to use that force to create a more vivid picture of what you do want.

Let the anger or frustration focus your desire and fuel your pursuit towards your goals.

When this is put into practice, it allows you to unlock the gifts that come with each emotional state. "Negative" emotions become navigation beacons that help to guide your attention.

Senator Palpatine

Context — this post was inspired by a strategic planning session. Frustrations about current organizational realities can be used to clarify a brighter future (vision).

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