Brandon Toner

What makes a good cribbage player?


Once you know the rule and the flow of the game, crib is a lot of fun. There is enough luck involved so that anyone can win if you are dealt favourable hands and good cuts — but good crib players will win more often through good decision making to optimize their chances.

There is more to a good cribbage player than picking the right cards, though. Beyond strategy, flow-of-play and style add to the overall experience.

Qualities of a good cribbage player


Quality decision-making in selecting hands

Strategic selection of cards in the pegging round

Speed of decision-making & counting

Accuracy & flow of counting hands

‌Maintaining the flow of turns

Quality shuffling


By making sound decisions based on expected value and probabilities, you will increase your odds of winning. The rest adds to the experience. A good game of cribbage should feel like a dance — moving with the rhythms and phases of the game.

What else would you add?

Good crib!

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