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Prescription Follow-up in Kroll


The following are instructions for scheduling a follow-up activity for a prescription in Kroll. This could be applied to follow-up on a pharmacy service processed with a prescription number as well.

Scheduling Follow-Up

  1. Select "Counsel Rx" for the prescription in one of two ways.
    • From the Start Screen (Alt-x), enter the Rx Number and select "Counsel Rx"
    • From the Patient Profile (F3), select the Rx → Extra Functions → "Counsel Rx"
  2. Type "Scheduling Follow-up" in the comments along with any particular details of the Monitoring Plan.
  3. Click on the "Follow-Up" button on the right and enter a follow-up date. The activity will now appear in the Follow-Up tab on the Kroll Start Screen

Completing the Follow-Up

  1. On the day of the follow-up, double click the patient's name to launch the activity. The Counsel Rx module will open.
  2. Review the Monitoring Plan or any notes left by going to the Patient Profile and selecting "Rx Counselling History". The PhC may review the any documentation in the Images tab as applicable (e.g. pharmacy service)
  3. If the patient is not available, enter a note in the Comments field (e.g. “N/A First Call” or “N/A Third Call – Lost to follow-up”) and reschedule the follow-up if warranted (i.e. click on Follow-Up and enter a new date). Finalize the Counsel Rx as a new record will be generated with the new Follow-Up date.

Once completed, the follow-up can be retrieved by viewing the Rx Counseling Tab for the billing of the prescription or pharmacy service.

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