Brandon Toner

Song Exploder but for Local Music Scenes


I love Song Exploder. It’s a podcast show that features an artist telling the story of how a song was created. It breaks down the musical layers and writing process to give listeners a behind-the-scenes experience and a deeper appreciation of the song.

Key aspects:

There are many songs/artists that I would love to see showcased on this show — but obviously the production team can only do so much. This is why I think this concept should expand to tailor towards specific genres and sub-cultures. Think: Same concept and format, but for local music scenes.

This could be supported by public broadcasting channels (CBC Music, or East Coast Music Association), or hosted by independent podcasters well-connected in the music industry (my preference). Alternatively, Song Exploder could create a franchise model where they facilitate a more turn-key production in partnership with a local host/franchisee.

Would love to see this happen.

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