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Tech Independence - Supplemental Notes


This website, my email, contact and calendar are all self-hosted.

This page is a commentary and supplemental guide for Derek Siver's "Tech Independence". Follow the instruction on that page for detailed setup instructions.


Setup Process

  1. Sign up for Vultr, with the specifications recommended by Derek.
  2. Acquire a domain name if necessary. (I use Porkbun)
  3. Set the domain nameservers to the Vultr defaults ( and This takes time to take effect. See "DNS propagation". Mine took ~40 hours to propagate to the server...
  4. Verify the DNS name servers have propagated using DNS Checker . Once it shows the vultr nameservers, continue with Derek's instructions to access the server and run the setup script.

Additional Setup (optional)



Of important note: While Derek's installation script is helpful in getting started, it is important to learn about the underlying systems yourself to develop self-reliance. I am no expert, so obviously follow these personal notes with a grain of salt and do your own research. I am sharing my notes in case they may help someone along their journey.

Good luck!

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