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Integrating Non-Dispensing Services into Routine Pharmacy Workflow


Non-dispensing services (NDS) are pharmacy services that are not directly associated with the dispensing of medications. It includes services like medication reviews, common ailment prescribing, medication renewals, injection services, etc. It doesn't include prescription verification, routine patient counselling, etc.

Operationalizing non-dispensing pharmacy services can be challenging. Often, we think of a service that a patient would benefit from during routine dispensing — but with no opportunity or time to deliver that service in the same moment.

By taking a more proactive and intentional approach to non-dispensing services we can take better note of those opportunities and then deliver the services when resources and circumstances allow.

To support successful integration of non-dispensing services, we can reflect on the following:

The Primary Toolkit:

Supportive Tools & Tactics

NDS Facilitation Overview
Overview of the NDS Facilitation Process

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